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Orange County Divorce Attorney

Orange County Family Lawyer Gerald A. Maggio of The Maggio Law Firm is a top Orange County Divorce Lawyer and a top Orange County Family Law Attorney who not only offers first class, first rate service, but has an extensive track record of helping divorcing people get back on their feet and through the legal system as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Maggio Law Firm is experienced in all aspects of divorce and family law matters, including child custody, child support, spousal support, complicated high asset marital property cases, and domestic partnerships.

At the Maggio Law Firm, we combine a wealth of experience in divorce and family law to provide individuals with the best legal representation. We are known for helping clients achieve fast and fair results so you can begin a better chapter of your life. Whether you need representation during mediation or litigation, call on the Maggio Law Firm to handle your concerns with skill, professionalism, and empathy.

Orange County Divorce Lawyers Pursuing Your Rights

We work with each client to understand your divorce, child custody, and financial needs so that your plans for the future can be carried out successfully. Our expert legal counsel will help guide you through the maze of decisions and changes that occur during this time period. We aggressively pursue your rights and honestly care about your future and case. Our firm is known for helping you achieve the most favorable, reasonable outcome. And we strive to have your children receive the best parenting agreement for their health and education, well being, and long-term needs.

The Maggio Law Firm has a solid record of representing individuals and families throughout Southern California. We specialize in Divorce, Family Law, Domestic Partnerships, Domestic Violence, Step-Parent Adoptions, and Prenuptial Agreements. We are experienced in uncontested and contentious divorces, and have helped resolve child custody and support cases, spousal support and complex high-asset property matters, and many other family law issues. Also, we counsel in cases involving paternity, interstate custody, parenting agreement modifications, and legal separation.

We offer first-class representation to enforce your rights and help you understand your options. At every step, we represent you in a caring, cost-effective manner. When you have a question about family law or divorce, give The Maggio Law Firm a call to schedule some time for a free consultation at (800) 249-9570 at one of our convenient Southern California offices.